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Ring Ding

I bought this LJ50 in 2009 with the plan on using the roof panel for a LJ ute extra cab project and parting it out. 


Fast forward 12 years and she has been winning competitions for over 10 years now.  All the custom work has been done in house and its the car that got ADD to where it is today. 


* Custom power-steering setup 

* Custom Sierra front and rear diff housings with centred and shaved pumpkins

* Twin ARB Air Lockers with 4.88 diff gears 

* Sierra transfer clocked vertical with 6.4:1 reduction gears,Custom cradle and rock ring

* 33in KM2s, Mechanical bead locks

* Full-floating rear axle and disk brakes

* Custom front chromo axles and CVs

* Tube front clip and Rear tube flares

* 6 point roll cage, Roof sliders,

* Flat belly with bash plate 

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